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Melli Mello Golden Thunder Photowall Darkblue

Melli Mello Golden Thunder Photowall Darkblue

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NB! The photo wallpaper has an expected delivery time of 2 weeks.

This beautiful Gold Rush wallpaper is a true work of art. The paint splashes in the colors gold, blue, brown, white and beige make it an artistic scene. The colors are very accessible and suit several quiet or busier living styles, including bohemian, minimalist, botanical, industrial and modern. Let this wallpaper be the canvas of your interior.

The size of the wallpaper is: 270x265cm

The width of the photo wallpaper is 265 cm, consisting of two strips of 132.5 cm.

The Melli Mello photo wallpaper is made of Airtex ®, a durable and sturdy material. Airtex is dirt and water repellent, so it's easy to clean. It is also fire retardant. Place the photo wallpaper by applying wallpaper glue directly to the wall.

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