Our Melli Mello bathrobes are comfortable garments that are made of very soft and absorbent materials and are available in different styles. Bathrobes are not only useful for keeping you warm and comfortable, but they can also give a luxurious and relaxed feeling when you are at home.

Women's bathrobes

At Melli Mello we think it is very important that a bathrobe is of high quality. Our bathrobes for women are precisely designed and of high quality. There is nothing better than a nice, soft bath. With the bathrobes for women from Melli Mello you want to be able to enjoy your own moment every morning. Because that is what the soft bathrobes bring out. Moreover, it is nice to put on a soft bathrobe after showering, taking a bath or getting out of bed.

Comfortable polyester bathrobes

The bathrobes in our collection are made of 100% polyester. The fabric with which our bathrobes are made is extremely soft. Whichever bathrobe you choose at Melli Mello. You can be sure that you will receive a comfortable bathrobe of excellent quality. The Melli Mello bathrobes can be worn in the morning as well as in the evening. The soft fabric allows you to wear it nice and warm at any time of the day.

Different colors of bathrobes available

Our bathrobes are available in different colors. You can go for a black bathrobe or a rust terra bathrobe . In addition, there are bathrobes that have a tactile pattern. Ordering a bathrobe from us is very easy and quick. Moreover, it was delivered within a few days. This way you can immediately enjoy your bathrobe color.