Decorative cushions

Discover the beautifully stylish decorative cushions from Melli Mello and combine your favorite colors and materials to match your interior. The collection consists of different materials such as velvet and cotton-satin, which makes the colors stand out beautifully. Give a new fresh look to your living room with the characteristic and colorful decorative cushions from Melli Mello.

Decorative cushions on your sofa

Throw pillows are an easy way to add a personal touch to your sofa and make it look fresher. By adding different colors and patterns you can transform a boring sofa into a beautiful piece that suits your style and taste. With decorative cushions you can easily create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your living room. Moreover, you can combine them with a beautiful plaid .

Decorative cushions from Melli Mello

If you are looking for unique and colorful decorative cushions, the cushions from Melli Mello are definitely worth a look. The brand offers a wide range of throw pillows in different styles and patterns, including floral, animal prints and abstract designs. These cushions are made from high quality materials and are a great addition to any sofa or chair.

Luxury Decorative Cushions

If you are looking for a decorative cushion that will give your living room a luxurious look, there are several options available. For example, we have the Velvet Ruffle or the Heartbreaker . Luxury decorative cushions are often made of soft and lush materials, such as velvet, silk or satin. These pillows are usually available in different colors and with different textures and patterns.

Floral cushions

Floral cushions are a popular choice for adding a touch of natural beauty to your living room. These cushions are available in different colors and sizes, and can range from subtle floral prints to exuberant, over-the-top designs. Floral cushions are a great way to liven up your living room and create a fresh, cheerful atmosphere. Then take a look at our Bloom on Baby decorative cushion .