Tableware Sets

Melli Mello tableware gives every table color and cosiness. The floral print in combination with graphic black and white stripes and gold accents gives this service a quirky and fresh appearance and is suitable for both a modern living style and a classic interior. You can combine the tableware endlessly. Brighten up your white china cabinet with the combination of black and white polka dots and colorful flowers. Invite your family and friends for a pleasant evening with a beautifully laid table.

The big advantage of a tableware set

One of the biggest advantages of a tableware set is that it is a complete set that is designed to suit your needs. Instead of buying each piece individually, with a dinnerware set you can get a complete collection of plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery that match. This not only makes it easier to set your table, but it also ensures that you get a complete look that suits your style. Another advantage of a tableware set is that it is often cheaper than buying separate tableware.

Crockery set for 6 people

If you are looking for a tableware set for 6 people, there are many options available. A popular choice is a complete tableware set with floral print . This 4 or 5-piece set includes plates, bowls, bowls, breakfast plates, a large bowl and a serving bowl. It has a modern look with a floral print.

Beautiful tableware set from Melli Mello

Our Melli Mello tableware sets are also an excellent choice for a tableware set with a unique and colorful design. The sets feature a mix of colors and patterns that bring every table to life. The sets are made of high-quality porcelain and are suitable for 2, 4 or 6 people. They include plates, bowls and mugs that all have their own unique look
to have.