Photo wallpaper

Every room in your house deserves to be brightened up! The Melli Mello photo wallpaper is colorful and characteristic. This wallpaper gives you the perfect opportunity to easily give your own twist to a room.

You can give every room in your home its own character! Be surprised by the many options and designs. Graphic print, jungle, flowers, colorful, chic, modern or marble print, we have something for everyone.

The Melli Mello photo wallpaper is made of ProVinyl, a durable material with a fine structure. It is also fire retardant. Stick the wallpaper by applying wallpaper paste directly to the wall.

Photo wallpaper for your bedroom

Your bedroom is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Photo wallpaper is a trendy way to decorate your wall. It is a striking decoration that is perfect for transforming a boring wall into a real eye-catcher. Photo wallpaper can help you give your bedroom more space and a relaxing atmosphere. For example, choose a photo wallpaper with wild plants to create a good atmosphere. Our 1001 night photo wallpaper is also a real eye-catcher. This way you wake up every morning in a beautiful room.

Photo wallpaper for your living room

You often spend most of your time in the living room. It is therefore important to create a cozy and stylish atmosphere. Photo wallpaper can help you with this. Therefore, combine one of our many designs with plaids or decorative cushions, among other things. This way you can give a modern look to your living room. If you like nature, you can, for example, choose a design with many plants and flowers.

Photo wallpaper flowers

Flowers are always a popular choice when it comes to home decor. Photo wallpaper with floral patterns can create a romantic and cheerful atmosphere in your home. You can choose large, vibrant flowers or subtle floral motifs. The advantage of photo wallpaper is that you can play with the size of the flowers and the color. This makes it fit almost any interior. At Melli Mello we combine flowers with all kinds of other designs such as animals. Shop online now and order quickly!