Our trendy bags are made of a durable high-quality (PU) vegan artificial leather quality, so that they remain beautiful for a long time and you will enjoy them for a long time.

Each bag line has its own style and character. Whether you have a cool, colorful or stylish clothing style, there is always a bag that suits you! The bags are suitable for every occasion, so from now on when you go shopping or go to a party/festival, your favorite Melli Mello bag is indispensable. The bags come with a Melli Mello key ring in brass, silver and gold. You can remove this elegant pendant from your bag and hang it on your key ring, for example.

Leather Bags at Melli Mello

Leather bags at Melli Mello are available in different shapes and sizes. We have used this on various occasions. This is reflected in the design. The leather bags that we have in our collection are made in both solid color combined with leopard print and with gold stars. This gives the bags a chic look. The leather to the stars shopper is a real eye-catcher. In addition, the leather bags are sturdy and handy for daily use.

A stylish bag, that's what you will find with us!

Our focus is always on the design. This means that you will find many stylish bags in our collection. With various gold details, prints and the like, we always provide a beautiful bag. The velvet toiletry bags in pink and petrol are also very hip. Besides the fact that the bags we make look good, they are also organized in such a way that they are easy to use. There are compartments to organize your things properly.

The benefits of a leather bag

Besides the fact that our bags are beautiful and unique, they are made of sturdy materials and extensively tested. In addition, when you purchase a bag you will receive a free Melli Mello key ring. Use the key ring as a decoration on your bag, or of course as a key ring! You don't want to miss that, do you?