The Melli Mello plaids are warm and colorful decorative accessories for your living room or bedroom! Crawl under these lovely blankets on the couch or use it as decoration over your bed.

Stylish plaids for the home

Plaids are not to be missed in the winter months. They are ideal for warming up on the couch. Moreover, it can give the finishing touch to the interior. A plaid is your best friend in the autumn and winter months. You can hide yourself nice and warm during a series or movie. You can keep yourself warm under a plaid on the colder days. Moreover, it is also wonderful for late summer evenings in the garden. This way you can always enjoy the outside, even without the sun.

Fleece Blankets at Melli Mello

Plaids, also known as fleece blankets, are available in all kinds at Melli Mello Amsterdam. You will find unique pink fleece blankets, but also leopard prints and floral prints on our blankets. Due to the diversity of choices, there is always a fleece blanket that suits your interior.

Nice and warm on the couch with a plaid

Our plaids ensure that you do not feel cold during autumn and winter. Are you sitting nice and warm on the couch with the two of you? A plaid is large enough to sit comfortably together. Would you rather have both your own? Then there is a wide range for variety in color. The plaids at Melli Mello are made extremely soft and stylish. This way you are always warm and decorative
on the right track!

Use a plaid to create atmosphere in your interior

A plaid can be used to create atmosphere in the home. In addition to acting as a good warmer, it can be used to create atmosphere in your bedroom, for example. For example, you can use a blanket over your bed. This can give the appearance of your duvet cover an extra boost. A stylish blanket is also a good addition if you want to brighten up your sofa. For example, a gray sofa can be combined well with our pink plaid .