Collection: Duvet Covers

Looking for a cheerful and colorful new duvet cover? View our collection with characteristic duvet covers. Thanks to the long tuck-in strip, you won't suffer from cold feet! The Melli Mello duvet covers are available in different sizes. We've got you covered!

Choose and order a new duvet cover in full colors online

If you are looking for the most characteristic duvet covers, you have come to the right place at Melli Mello. We have a large number of different designs in different sizes. This way there is always a duvet cover for you. Our duvet covers can be ordered in solid colors, with prints or a pattern. Moreover, the collection ranges from calm colours
to the most colorful variants.

Egyptian cotton duvet covers

Melli Mello offers various duvet covers made of the highest quality Egyptian cotton. This Egyptian Giza percale cotton is one of the best and most sustainable cotton types in the world. These are duvet covers that you can fall asleep under. Highly recommended! The high thread count of this cotton makes the fabric feel wonderfully soft and gives it a shiny appearance. You can choose a Gray Duvet Cover or a White Duvet Cover .

Cotton Satin duvet cover

Many of our duvet covers are made of 100% cotton satin. A cotton satin duvet cover gives a light shine and vibrant colors. In combination with our unique designs, this is a real eye-catcher in your bedroom. For example, look at the Steal the night duvet cover black if you want this great look. All our cotton satin duvet covers are colourfast. This way, the color accents continue to come to life, even after a long time.

Melli Mello duvet covers

A Melli Mello duvet cover is a real eye-catcher. Our most diverse designs and high-quality fabrics make this a choice that will certainly please you. Due to our unique design, your bed will become the eye-catcher in your bedroom.

Combine a beautiful duvet cover with decorative pillows

At Melli Mello we love to unleash our creativity. We do this not only in our duvet cover designs, but also on our decorative pillows . Giving the finishing touch to your bedroom is easy with our decorative cushions. Combine lively elements from both the duvet cover and the decorative pillows. This way you will immediately fall in love with your bedroom again!