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Melli Mello Paradise Love wallcircle Black

Melli Mello Paradise Love wallcircle Black

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The Melli Mello Paradise Love wallcircle is a beautiful decor starring the cranes. The dark background puts these beautiful birds in the spotlights. The floral motif with blue, yellow and pink flowers is a feast for the eyes and adds extra atmosphere to any interior.

The wallcircles are perfect to hang as wall art for your (bed or living) room. It's also a fun and colorful addition for your office, lobby, catering facility or backyard.

Hang the wallcircle quickly and easily in a beautiful arrangement on the wall with the included hanging system. You can also choose to place your circle on a closet or shelf.

The unique Melli Mello wallcircles are made of Dibond®, a smooth, sturdy and light material. Thanks to the special combination of aluminum with a plastic core, the circles can be hung both indoors and outdoors.

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