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Melli Mello x Wallhalla Tessa wall circle

Melli Mello x Wallhalla Tessa wall circle

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Be enchanted by the beautiful surroundings of Tessa, a jungle filled with amazing flamingos, botanical flowers, plants and color.

The wall circles are perfect to hang as wall decoration in your (bedroom or living) room. Also a fun and colorful addition to your office, waiting room, catering facility or garden.

Hang the wall circle quickly and easily in a beautiful arrangement on the wall. Please note that the hanging system is not included. You can also choose to place your circle on a cupboard or shelf.

The unique wall circles from Melli Mello are made of Dibond®, a smooth, sturdy and light material. Thanks to the special combination of aluminum with a plastic core, the circles can be hung both indoors and outdoors.

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