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Melli Mello The Future is Floral Wallcircle

Melli Mello The Future is Floral Wallcircle

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NB! The Wallcircle has an expected delivery time of 2 weeks.

This calm wall circle with earthy tones and golden details is chic and minimalist. The nice detail with the black and white hand holding a lamp with flowers brightens up the design and gives it a vintage touch.

All our wallccircles are perfect for hanging as a wall decoration in any room. Hang these wall circles not only in the house, but also in the office, catering facility or in the garden!

Our wallcircles are made of Dibond® , a sturdy but very light material. This makes it very suitable for hanging, but also for placing on, for example, a wall shelf. Thanks to the special combination of aluminum with a plastic core, the wallcircle can be hung both indoors and outdoors!


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