Zo kies je het juiste behang!

This is how you choose the right wallpaper!

Wallpaper is getting more and more popular! By applying wallpaper in a room you create a specific ambiance. But how do you choose the right wallpaper? You have to know what it suits, whether you should choose a calm or brisk wallpaper and one you still like after a year. Read on and we'll give you some tips!
Think about the space and what you want to create with it. For example, you don't choose a super brisk print for the bedroom, because this room should radiate peace.
How do you do this? Choose a wallpaper with a somewhat larger spatial print with muted colors such as Gold Rush and Be Concrete , or a print that is very small and refined.
Do you want to liven up the room? Then you can opt for more striking colors and busy prints, such as our Lunar Jungle photo wallpaper.
The size of a room determines the print of the wallpaper. For a small room it is better to opt for a sophisticated print, look at our Misty Blush . This makes the room look bigger because you use all kinds of small shapes. If you use a large shape, it immediately takes up a lot of space, so there is no 'space' left for your furniture.
A large room benefits from a wallpaper such as Ethnic Fantastic or Love me Wild , these prints have large shapes! It makes it more homely and cozy.
Wallpapering is a job you only do once a year, instead of three times a year. That is why it is important to choose a wallpaper that you will not get tired of quickly. A few guidelines for this are natural prints, light colors, for example pastel and minimalism.
Some examples are Dream Come True , Marble Mania and Flora & Fauna .
Hopefully we have been able to help you along the way and you now know exactly which wallpaper belongs where. Take a look at our photo wallpaper, because at Mello Mello we have something for everyone!
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