Woontrends 2023: de 4 grootste trends!

Living trends 2023: the 4 biggest trends!

When you talk about trends, you know that there are dozens of trends that come and go every year. Here we discuss a number of important and larger living trends of the year 2023. Only 2 months before the end of 2022, so time to look for inspiration for the new year.


After a long corona period where we have all been inside too long, everyone needs more green and nature. Because we work a lot indoors and spend little time outside, it is the new trend to bring everything from the outside in! So bring the plants inside. No green fingers? Then bring the plants inside with a jungle print wallpaper or colorful flowers!
Jungle wallpaper in the dining room.


To follow the previous trend, the use of plants and natural materials is nice and sustainable! This trend is not new, but it is one to stay. By using durable furniture you can enjoy it much longer because they are of better quality and have a longer lifespan than products that are made for mass production. This trend has arisen because recycling is becoming easier and people no longer want to invest money in mass production. For example, our duvet covers are produced in such a way that we are increasingly reducing our ecological footprint.
Colorful floral print
Don't you want to make an immediate investment in a somewhat more expensive sustainable product? What's also sustainable is second-hand shopping! Go to your nearest thrift store and see if you can give furniture or decoration a second life here. You can of course give it a new look by throwing a lick of paint over it or sticking some slats on it!


White walls are really a no go for this trend. White is of course a safe option and has been a real trendsetter for years, but we don't want to see a void anymore. The use of color in your home is the hottest thing in 2023! How can you achieve this? For example, pull the wallpaper throughout the room or paint your ceiling in a nice color! Do you also have empty spaces on the wall? Then hang it full with photo frames, beautiful works of art or our cool wall circles!
So get busy!
Living room that is all gray.


Scandinavian and minimalist living styles have recently taken the upper hand, but in 2023 we will do it completely differently. It's time for Art Deco and Bohemian! A wallpaper with a crazy and bright print on the wall in combination with twenty decorative pillows and a large carpet, it's all possible this year!
A few examples of these styles are geometric shapes that you combine with rich and deep colors, lush prints on a pillow and fringes on the rug with a fun animal motif. Characteristic of these styles are the foreign influences that we bring from Asia, South America and Africa.
Leopard print, flower print, paisley print
Well, we now have enough inspiration to crack our brain and get started right away! Do you already know what you want to change?
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