Wat is de beste kleur voor je slaapkamer?

What is the best color for your bedroom?

This is the room you spend a lot of time in. That is why the right color for your bedroom is not entirely unimportant. It is a place where you should feel good and completely relax.


Did you know that colors can have different effects on you? It is important to choose the right color for your bedroom, because some colors can prevent you from completely relaxing. Below we discuss the effects that colors have on you, of our uni duvet covers.
Green exudes calmness and a natural feeling. Just like in nature, greenery has a calming effect on your body.
Blue is calming and also lowers heart rate. Research has shown that people with the color blue in their bedroom get the most hours of sleep per night!
White is the color of cleanliness. By incorporating the white color into your bedroom, you show that everything is clean and in order.
Orange is friendly and gives stability. It would also make larger spaces appear smaller and more atmospheric. So an excellent choice.
Gray is timeless. It exudes elegance and modesty. With this color you come across as a stable person.
Black stands for darkness, which you can create well with this color. It exudes dignity and elegance.


Now that you've learned more about the effects that colors have on you, it might be a little easier to make a choice. But of course you have to decide for yourself which color you want to use in your bedroom!
Does a different color make you happy? Then you just have to do that. Well, with your eyes closed you can't see anything!
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