Servies voor elke gelegenheid!

Tableware for every occasion!

You need crockery, that's for sure. But for what? Whether you want to organize a High Tea, use it for the holidays or just want to use the tableware for the family, we offer different sets for multiple occasions!
1. Complete Tableware Set
Tableware for the household or the whole family! Turn your table into a colorful whole and make it easy for yourself by getting everything you need all at once with this Complete Tableware Set. We promise you, with this tableware every dining occasion is a party. Superb for the holidays!
2.Basic Needs Set
Are you just starting to collect tableware? Or do you just not need that much, but you want all the basic necessities? Then the Basic Needs Set is the ideal option to consider! Do you think this is as much as you need? Also take a look at the Nora Dots tableware, perfect to combine.
3 . High Tea Set
So cozy and colorful! The High Tea Set is perfect to organize a High Tea, or for a birthday! Surprise your guests by serving all the snacks beautifully and the coffee or tea is convenient to serve in the jugs.
4.Sunday Brunch
Having breakfast together every Sunday, that includes a nice cup of coffee or tea. Together with the breakfast plates and bowls you have everything you need for breakfast. Also super fun for Easter! Delight your guests with this colorful tableware.
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