SHOP the LOOK - Januari

SHOP the LOOK - January

New monthly home inspiration! This time focusing on the bedroom. With this shop the look we want to give you inspiration to look at a room with a different eye or new color combinations that you hadn't thought of yourself!
This time we went for happy and bright colors! We know it can be bold to choose such an outspoken color as pink, because how do you style it with other furniture? Pink and green have been a good combination for a very long time and green is a very accessible color and is very soothing. Which is another counterpart to the pink.
By incorporating the bright color into smaller objects, it does not become a circus, but you do have something that stands out! To keep the bedroom dark but still stylish, we have chosen to only add black furniture. Our Bloom on Baby and Sweet Escape go perfectly together. This is an old collection together with a newer collection, which are completely different from each other but can still be mixed! So as you can see, give your old furniture and decoration a second chance. This means you don't have to buy new furniture!
All products that can be found in the photo are listed below!
Bathrobes – Melli Mello, Be my Baby & Sweet escape bathrobe.
Duvet cover - Melli Mello, Bloom on baby duvet cover
Lamp – Easy Furn, Turn around hanging lamp
Deco – Melli Mello, Floral thoughts wall art
Curtain – Quantum, Tullus curtain
Cupboard – White label living, Vigo bedside table
Rug - La alegre , Yola rug
Plaid – Melli Mello, Be my baby plaid
Chair – LABEL51, Armchair Rex
Pillows – Bloom on Baby & Sweet escape pillow
Flowerpot – Leenbakker, Flowerpot on legs Niek
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