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Melli Mello in interior design

Welcome to the world of Melli Mello, where vibrant colors and unique designs come together. Choose the Melli Mello style and give your interior a magical touch. In this blog we share some tips and ideas to make Melli Mello shine in different rooms, such as the living room, bedroom and children's room. Prepare for an explosion of color and playfulness in your interior!

The living room

Bring a lively and cozy atmosphere into your living room with Melli Mello. Start by adding colorful pillows to the sofa. Create a striking accent with a Melli Mello wallpaper that enlivens the room. Also consider decorative objects such as cheerful vases or unique wall art with the characteristic Melli Mello style. Give free rein to your creativity and mix and match different Melli Mello patterns and prints for a playful and eclectic look.

The bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a soothing and colorful oasis with Melli Mello. Choose a Melli Mello duvet cover with vibrant floral motifs or geometric patterns to make the bed the focal point of the room. Combine this with matching curtains or window coverings to give the room a cohesive feel. Add some Melli Mello throw pillows to the bed. Melli Mello plaids are beautiful additions to any interior, immediately adding a touch of elegance, warmth and color to the room. Whether placed on a sofa, bed or armchair, they serve as eye-catchers and can bring a dull room to life.

The children's room

Melli Mello is perfect for a playful and colorful children's room. Let your children's imagination come to life with a Melli Mello mural in themes such as animals, fairy tales or fantasy worlds. Choose bedding with cute characters or colorful prints to create a cheerful atmosphere. A desk set with notebooks and agendas will stimulate your children's creativity.
With Melli Mello you can add a touch of magic to your interior design. Whether in the living room, bedroom or children's room, there are countless possibilities to integrate Melli Mello's colorful and playful style. Dare to experiment with prints, patterns and accessories to create a unique and personal space. Be inspired by the enchanting world of Melli Mello and let your interior shine with color and playfulness.
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