Maak een statement met wanddecoratie in je slaapkamer

Make a statement with wall decoration in your bedroom

Real attention grabbers

Decorating your bedroom is a fun way to show off your personal style. Do you want a unique look? Melli Mello wall decoration is a unique collection of beautiful wall art that can brighten up any interior. A special addition to this collection are the wall circles . These give a playful twist to traditional wall decoration. With the vibrant colors and patterns, Melli Mello creates a work of art that brings your wall to life.
Bring your walls to life with Melli Mello's unique wall decoration.
Melli Mello wall art is a unique collection with a wide range of designs. From soothing patterns to busy prints. This collection includes beautiful flowers, people, cultures and art from around the world. The combination of these different elements creates a unique style that brings life to any wall. Whether you want a soothing or a bold design for the bedroom, there is always something in between!

Let the wall art blend into your interior!

If you want to hang a wall art, it is important to ensure that it looks calm and atmospheric. A good tip is to place the wall art on a wall that is already calm by nature, such as a neutral color wall . This creates a sense of calm and harmony. If you do choose a busy print, make sure it doesn't distract from the room. Hang the wall art in a prominent place, such as above the bed, and let it be the focus of the room. Another nice option is to hang the wall art above a low cupboard and decorate it with a nice plant and some candles, creating an attractive corner. This way you ensure that the wall art is a nice addition to the design of the room.
wall art by Melli Mello

Decorate your bedroom with a unique wall circle

A wall circle can be a beautiful and unique addition to a bedroom's decor. Because wall circles are round, they automatically attract the viewer's attention. A handy tip is to hang the wall circle on a quiet wall, so that the design comes into its own. You can choose from quiet and busy designs , depending on the atmosphere you want to create. In a bedroom it is important to maintain a soothing atmosphere, so choose a design that contributes to this atmosphere. Hang the wall circle at eye level and combine it with other decoration, such as matching cushions or lamps. Mirrors can also be nice, as you optically enlarge the space. This way you bring a unique and personal touch to your bedroom.

Give your bedroom character with photo wallpaper

Photo wallpaper is a great way to create a unique and personal atmosphere in your bedroom. There are countless possibilities, including beautiful patterns with fine structures , graphic prints and colorful images of flowers and jungle . So if you are looking for a chic and modern look, you can opt for a photo wallpaper with a marble print . When choosing a photo wallpaper, it is important to take into account the colors and the atmosphere of the rest of the interior. If you choose a colorful wallpaper, combine it with calm and neutral furniture and accessories to maintain a balance. Wall murals can be a great way to make a statement and add character to your bedroom.

Wall decoration in your bedroom adds personality and style to the space where you relax. So choose carefully and enjoy the creative expression that wall art offers for a calm and inspiring environment.


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