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Colorful Sleeping

Melli Mello is known for its extensive use of color and striking designs. The Melli Mello duvet covers feature beautiful floral patterns in a combination of different colors and styles. By using vibrant colors and fun prints, these duvets are not only comfortable to sleep under, but they also give a fresh and cheerful look to your bedroom. This way you can sleep wonderfully colorful.

Bring the beauty of nature into your bedroom

A duvet cover with pink floral patterns is a nice addition to any bedroom, giving it space, warmth and a soothing appearance, while the flowers provide a cheerful and colorful accent. A pink floral duvet cover can be styled in different ways. For example, think of white or pastel-colored decorative cushions and accessories. This way you maintain a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom.
The duvet covers are available in different sizes and styles, including duvet covers in sizes 200x200 cm and 240x220 cm. The floral print gives a cheerful and lively look to the bed and can vary from modern and abstract prints to vintage floral prints with a romantic look. A floral duvet gives a colorful and natural look to the bedroom.
black uni duvet cover from Melli Mello

Blooming dreams

The Bloom on baby duvet cover from Melli Mello is a striking addition to any bedroom. This duvet cover features a dark floral print in rich colors, including pink, blue and purple. This allows the duvet to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. It is made of 100% cotton satin and therefore feels soft and luxurious. It is available in different sizes and comes with matching pillowcases. The Melli Mello duvet Bloom on baby is an eye-catcher in every bedroom!


The 'Daydreamer' duvet from Melli Mello is a beautiful duvet cover that gives your bedroom a cheerful look. It features a colorful print with a combination of flowers and dots, which provide a playful and lively effect. The duvet cover is made of 100% cotton satin and therefore feels wonderfully soft and supple. The Melli Mello duvet 'Daydreamer' can be combined with different colors and accessories. To create a unique atmosphere in the bedroom. This duvet is ideal for anyone who likes a playful and colorful decor and adds a cheerful accent to your interior. This way you can sleep colorfully!
Discover colorful sleeping with Melli Mello. Vibrant colors and playful patterns for a cheerful night's sleep.
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