Je slaapkamer inrichten doe je zo! Tips en inspiratie

This is how you decorate your bedroom! Tips and inspiration

The bedroom is an important room in the house where we can relax and unwind after a busy day, for example.
It is therefore important that the bedroom has a soothing but also comfortable atmosphere in which you can find yourself.
A good design of the bedroom can help with this. In this article we share tips and inspiration for furnishing your bedroom, paying attention to the layout.

Mood board

A mood board can be a useful tool in determining the atmosphere of your space, in this case your bedroom.
It is a collage of images, materials, colors and textures that reflect the desired atmosphere and style of the room.
A mood board can be created by cutting images from magazines. You can take photos from Pinterest or Instagram, collect fabric wallpaper samples and other inspiration.
This will give you a good idea of ​​what you like and what suits your personal taste.

The layout

The layout of the bedroom is very important to ensure a good night's sleep.
But also take your personal needs and preferences into account.
The tips below can serve as general guidelines, adapting your point to your specific situation.
Make sure the bed is in a quiet and central location, the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom.
So place the bed in the center of the room if possible. This ensures a balanced and symmetrical appearance of the room.
Choose the right size of the bed, ensure that the bed fits the size of the bedroom.
A bed that is too large can overwhelm the room, while a small bed can make the room feel empty.
Sufficient walking space around the bed is important so that you can easily get out of the bed.
Consider building cabinets and storage solutions into the room to save more space.
Your clothes and other belongings can be neatly stored and the bedroom will not become messy.
Take advantage of natural light during the day by leaving windows unobstructed and choosing curtains that open and close easily.
When it comes to lighting, you should think about its placement so that you can create a pleasant atmosphere.
And keep the bedroom well lit when necessary.


The color of the wall can have a major impact on the appearance and atmosphere of the bedroom.
A few important points when choosing a color is to take the light into account.
The color of the wall may look different in different light.
Choose a color that you personally like and that suits your bedroom best.

Photo wallpaper

Photo wallpaper can be a fun and interesting way to add color and texture to your bedroom.
When choosing photo wallpaper, it is important to choose an image that suits your personal taste and the overall style of the room.
If you choose floral photo wallpaper for your bedroom, you can complement it with other decorative elements that match flowers.
Such as matching duvet covers and decorative pillows with floral motifs.
This can help give the room a cohesive and harmonious feel.

Duvet cover

A good quality duvet cover can contribute to a good night's sleep. Choose a cover made of a soft and breathable material such as cotton.
When choosing a color it is important to look at the overall atmosphere of the room and what best suits your personal taste.
For example, a neutral color can help create a soothing atmosphere, while a bright color can provide a unique look.

Decorative cushions

Throw pillows can be a really nice addition to your bedroom and can contribute to the overall look of the room.
Choose pillows in colors that match the rest of the room.
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