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Tips: for a beautifully set Easter table

Tips: for a beautifully set Easter table

La Terzi Team |

A beautifully set table, your loved ones around you and good food. The best thing about a nicely decorated table is that it always looks atmospheric. You can vary a lot in themes and how you want to decorate your table.

Choose your theme color

Before you start setting the table, it is important to pick a theme color. Because you can decorate your entire table setting from this color. A beautifully set Easter table starts with table linen, such as a beautiful tablecloth. For example, we chose our table runner Nora Dots black and the items we used are also tailored to this. Do you want to use dark colors? Then choose light colors for your porcelain! This will bring everything together and creates a clear atmosphere.

Easter table inspiration decoration  paastafel inspiratie decoratie

Tailor your dishes to the Easter theme

It is always a good idea to match your dishes to your theme, because by matching the food and the theme, the right atmosphere comes out even more. Delicious sweets should certainly not be missed on the Easter table. We love to bake and that is why there will always be different types of pastries and snacks on the table. This is certainly a nice change from all the savory snacks/toppings.

Nice porcelain

A nice set of tableware should certainly not be missed on a beautiful Easter table. And of course it is quite difficult to eat without crockery. You don’t necessarily need to have an Easter themed crocery. Most people don’t have that at home. But if you do want to buy it, because you want to make an impression, you should concider our Sunday Brunch dinnerware set. It is very suitable for Easter but can also be used all year round. Win, win right?

Create height and contrasts

By creating height on the table you get a luxurious look. By creating contrast your table will speak more. If your tablecloth is dark, it is nice to use lighter plates. It’s a good idea to have the color of the tablecloth come back in other small elements, such as in the napkins. You can create height on the table by stacking plates on top of eachother or by placing a vase with flowers on the table. Or by placing our beautiful etagere Nora on the table with all kinds of small snacks.

Finish it off with accessories!

We find that the most enjoyable part of setting the table, besides the food, is picking the accessories. Think of (dry) flowers, a napkin ring, candles, green branches or small Easter elements. Of course Easter isn’t complete without a few flower bulbs and daffodils at home. It’s nice to place pots of flowers and plants on the Easter table. This makes the whole thing even more beautiful! We chose to put colorful flowers on the table. Did you know that our Large Jug Nora can also be used as a beautiful flower vase? We also put some cute Easter elements on the table. For example the large chocolate Easter bunny, Easter eggs and napkins in the shape of Easter bunny ears.

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