What type of bag suits your body figure?

What type of bag suits your body figure?

Many women find it difficult to choose the perfect bag. What should you pay attention to in this large market? However, everyone is different, and everyone is looking for something different. Depending on the type of figure you have, there is a bag that can make your figure accents stand out.

Melli Mello has several trendy bags that suit everyone. From shoppers with everything in it to a nice bum bag for a night out with your friends. The Melli Mello bags are bigger than you think, and they are also made of vegan leather!

melli mello leo backpack

pear figure

If your upper body is narrower than your lower body and your hips are wider than your shoulders, you have a pear shape. You have beautiful hip curves and a slim waist. In this case, you want to draw attention to your slim waist. You can achieve this, for example, by choosing a handbag or shopper.

We recommend our Leo Shopper , To the Stars Shopper ( small or large ) or Rock & Rose Shopper ( small or large ).

Rock & Rose hippouch Melli Mello

apple figure

An apple figure is just the opposite of a pear figure. You have curves in your upper body, narrow hips, and often slender legs. By choosing a handbag, hip pouch you can draw attention to your slim legs

Our Rock & Rose hip pouch , To the Stars hip pouch or crossover will suit you best to accentuate your beautiful figure. Our Leo Circle bag can also be used as a handy handbag by removing the shoulder strap.

Leo circle bag melli mello

Hourglass figure

Do you have an hourglass figure that most women envy? In this case, your proportions are very nicely distributed, and you have a clear waistline. With this figure you can carry any kind of bag: it just depends on what you want to emphasize. If you want to draw attention to your entire figure, you can opt for a backpack or a clutch.

Our Leo Backpack would then suit you best. You can also think of our crossover or hip pouches. The shoulder strap of each bag is easy to remove so that it can also be used as a clutch.

Melli mello to the stars vegan leather bag collection

straight figure

With a straight figure, your shoulders are just as straight as your hips, and you have little waist or breasts. With the accent on your waist and a little more volume on your shoulders and hips, you come a long way. You will then be able to carry crossover bags and large nursery bags.

Our Leo crossover or To the Stars crossover are the perfect choice for you. Our To the Stars hippouch and Rock & Rose hippouch can be worn crossover.

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