Creëer een unieke eethoek met Melli Mello

Create a unique dining area with Melli Mello

Melli Mello's favorites in your dining room

If you are looking for colorful and eye-catching decoration for your dining area, the items from Melli Mello are definitely worth considering. Melli Mello is known for her unique designs and patterns, inspired by different cultures and art styles. By adding Melli Mello tablecloths, placemats, napkins, and other table accessories, your dining area can immediately look more lively. You can also add a Melli Mello wall decoration , such as a painting or wall hanger, to complete the room.


Decorate your table with color

Melli Mello decoration can be a great addition to any dining room. With colorful and eye-catching designs, Melli Mello placemats and napkins can help create an atmospheric table setting that leaves a positive impression on your guests. By playing with the different colors and patterns of the Melli Mello accessories, you can give a unique and personal touch to your dining area. The use of Melli Mello decoration can brighten up the room and create a feeling of cosiness and warmth during meals.


Eat in style

Melli Mello has a beautiful collection of tableware with unique designs that consist of a combination of dots, flowers and other patterns. The service is available in sets of, for example, plates, soup plates and bowls, but can also be purchased separately to put together your own personal set. The Melli Mello tableware pieces are perfect to create a beautiful table setting that matches your dining area. The various patterns and colors fit together nicely and form a whole, giving the tableware a playful and lively appearance. The Melli Mello tableware is not only practical, but also stylish and can be the perfect finishing touch for any breakfast or dinner!

Make an impression with wall art

Wall circles and wall art are perfect ways to give your interior a personal touch. They are striking and can serve as an eye-catcher in your dining room. Combine them with mirrors and other decorative elements to enhance the atmosphere in the room. Wall circles can be combined in different styles and sizes. By using the available space and mirroring the shapes of the table and other decoration in the room, you create a harmonious whole.


Wallpaper your walls with style

Melli Mello wall murals are a great way to brighten up a wall in your dining room and create a unique atmosphere. Melli Mello has quiet designs and busy prints, so that there is a suitable design for everyone. Combine the photo wallpaper with a nice mirror and lamps in a neutral color to draw attention to the wall with the wallpaper. It is important to keep the other walls in the dining room neutral to prevent the room from becoming too busy and drawing too much attention away from the photo wallpaper.


In the beautiful dining room, dressed in the style of Melli Mello, you dine in true luxury. Colorful details and artistic patterns surround you as you enjoy delicious dishes, presented as true works of art. It is an experience that stimulates all your senses and leaves a lasting impression.

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