High-quality design in various ways
Your interior is an important basis for making yourself at home. Whether you have a modern base as a style or an industrial interior, a striking touch with a decorative pillow can make a world of difference! We are happy to inspire you to make your home, bedroom or workplace even cozier. After all, our home is the place where we relax, love and enjoy.

Sierkussens Melli Mello


Melli Mello offers pillows in different shapes and sizes. The combination of large and small cushions makes your interior more attractive and exciting. In addition, it also offers a fun and playful effect to combine dots and flowers! Laying cushions with the right colors and prints ensures that your seating area will never look boring anymore. The decorative cushions are made of polyester suede, which looks and feels like suede, but is easier to wash. Ideal in use and easy to keep clean. The decorative cushions from this collection are of high quality. They are soft, which makes them comfortable, but have a good firmness that keeps them in their original shape.

sierkussens melli mello


A seat with decorative cushions looks nicer and cozier than a seat without cushions, right? It is also more comfortable and by mixing with styles you create your home. Melli Mello offers a complete collection of decorative cushions, which you can style in your interior on both sides. Whether large or small, with dots or with flowers, this collection contains eye-catchers for every interior.
Decorative cushions are also perfect to use in the garden. People who sit in your garden, or walk past it, will never get a boring impression again.
How do you style your interior? Mix and match with the latest throw pillow collection!
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