Five tableware sets your guests will be jealous of

Did you just start to live on your own? Or are you done with that boring white crockery. Then Melli Mello has something for you! The new Melli Mello dinnerware sets are 5 different sets that have everything you need.

We're big fans of a floral design – and who can blame us? Underneath we take a closer at every set.

1. Complete Tableware Set

With the Complete Tableware Set you are prepared for any occasion. Surprise your guests with your house that has been transformed into a restaurant. As the name suggests, this set has everything you need and your cupboard is completely filled again.

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2. Basic Needs Set

The Basic Needs Set is a set that you can use if you just started living on your own, or if you are just done with your basic white crockery. As the name implies, this set contains all the basics you need in your cupboard.

3. Sunday Brunch Set

The Sunday Brunch Set is the perfect set if you want to have a nice brunch with your family or friends. Your guests will be amazed at how beautifully your table is set! As the name of this set suggests, this set contains everything for the perfect Sunday Brunch. With this set you can choose for a 4 or 6 person set. 

4. High Tea Set

As the set already says, you can give a great High Tea with this set. Your guests will think they are in a fairytale when they see a table set with this set. As the set says, you have everything to give a great High Tea.

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5. Time for Tea Set

With the Time For Tea set you are completely prepared for a pleasant afternoon with friends. Let your friends come over already and have that fairytale like tea time you have always dreamed of. Even this tableware will be the topic of your conversation.

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