80 days before Christmas | These are the items to put under the tree this Christmas!

80 days before Christmas | These are the items to put under the tree this Christmas!

The best gifts to give and receive for you in a row!

YAY! Only 80 days and it's Christmas. That means it's time for wish lists. In this blog we inspire you with the coolest gifts (to give but also to receive!), but we also give you tips about sharing your wish list. Because let’s be honest? How do you ask your lover, your bestie or your mother-in-law for a specific Christmas gift as subtly as possible?

Melli Mello, hold my bag!

Looking for a feminine, cool bag that is suitable for many occasions, fits a wide clothing style and is practical (compartments, zippers you know the drill)? Then you have found your brand! The Melli Mello collection consists of versatile, feminine bags made of vegan leather. Not yet familiar with vegan leather? In this article we will tell you all the ins and outs about our bag collection and what they are made of.

The bags in this collection are a diverse composition of handbags, shoulder bags and shoppers. There are three collections:

Leo crossover bag Melli Mello

to the stars shopper small

rock & rose hippouch bag

Ultimate table styling with Melli Mello tableware

Perhaps you are already provided with beautiful crockery, or you are not interested in this at all. But how nice is it to save a crockery for your sister, mother or grandmother?! The Nora collection by Melli Mello consists of porcelain plates in different sizes, bowls, serving dishes, cup and saucer, an etagère and additional items such as a sugar bowl, teapot and mik jug.

You can mix and match the prints on this crockery. The cake plate Nora dots, for example, has a polka dot design, and the dinner plate Nora has a white base with a mix of floral print and graphic elements on one side. Style the entire table this Christmas with the tableware from Melli Mello, check below for inspiration for a beautiful table styling!

xmas table setting

Home sweet homeware

Celebrating the holidays with your in-laws for the first time? Here are even more gift ideas that don't have to cost a lot of money. Make a Homeware pamper package with a Melli Mello bathrobe, toiletry bag and cosmetics. Add some bath salts and face masks yourself and voila! A perfect gift set for the sister-in-law you don't know very well yet.

toiletrybag velvet

Lovely under the wool

Whether you live in a room, with your parents or have a nice owner-occupied home .. The bedroom not only has a practical function, which is sleeping, but atmosphere is also very important in this room. This space deserves to be cozy, for you and your company! The duvet covers from Melli Mello are quirky because of their unique prints. Each duvet has a cool design on two sides, so you can alternate the print.

I choose Jungle Fever! What about you? Click here for all duvet covers.

Jungle fever duvet cover

But, now the big question: How do you subtly ask for Christmas gifts from your loved ones?

Make a list

Do you also make lists in your phone? Ideal right? But how do you share this as quickly as possible with friends, family and the other interested parties who need to get your Christmas present?

With the list maker from www.lijstje.nl you can share your gift wishes in no time. The most practical thing about this website is that you can also add the web link. A bad buy is therefore theoretically not possible!

Share items on social media

Let’s be honest. How often do you see a beautiful story from your favorite boutique *Cough* Melli Mello* with beautiful items? And how often do you save that one post 'for later'? That function is in our socials for a reason! From now on, send your digital hints directly via DM, private message or directly via WhatsApp. Can't miss that your lover, friend or family member comes with that one must-have that you so hope for.

Give hints about discount codes and sale

That means more sales and great discount codes! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all the discounts and offers we'll be sharing with you in the coming months. Prefer no emails? We understand that. So follow us on social media @mellimello.official for all home & lifestyle products and @mellimello.fashion for beauty, fashion and stationery items.

To warm up for Christmas: here's a discount code to start stocking the gifts! Use the code: KERST in the shopping cart.

Ask and you shall receive

"Children who ask are skipped", we do not believe in that at Melli Mello. Of course it is nice to first ask about other people's gift wishes and with a little luck, you will be asked back. So don't be afraid to be clear about this. Because let's be honest, wouldn't you rather give someone a gift that makes them genuinely happy?

Love, Melli Mello

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