About Melli Mello


The brand name “Melli Mello” is derived from the French word “Méli Mélo” which means “mish mash”, “hodge podge” or “mixture”. This word describes precisley what this brand is all about.

Brand Style

Melli Mello is a bold  and exciting  mix of different styles such as: Graphic, Romantic, Ethnic, and Floral.

These styles are always elaborated  in a new and surprising way.


Melli  Mello is a brand which is based on the theme “cross cultural blend”. Due to the availability of internet and the possibility of travelling abroad, the world has become a smaller place. In the past one would stick to a particular style, nowadays we are more likely to combine several styles. We are inspired by different cultures we come across and capture the little things from them. This cosmopolitan view has let to Melli Mello.

The aim is to offer a wide range of cheerful home essentials, cosmetics, paperware and more,  which are based on global influences. All our products are lushiously decorated and bring joy into your home, garden and life. The designs are always a unique mix of breathtaking  flowers, decorated animals or animalistic patterns and ethnic elements. All of this is combined with black and white stripes or other graphic patterns. This "hodge podge" gives a very fresh and fashionable feeling to Melli Mello!

Therefore the Melli Mello Motto is: 

“Why choose, have it all!”


Melli Mello by La Terzi

Melli Mello is owned by  La Terzi.

La Terzi is a designstudio which is specialized in surfacedesign and concepts for the last 10 years. La Terzi has catered several companies and brands from all over the world with their designs, colour themes and concepts for many product groups.

Besides providing numerous renowned companies with our creativity, the company was ready for a new challenge and launched their own brand 'Melli Mello' in 2011.

To learn more about us, please visit our website www.laterzi.nl